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Our modern day life places our bodies under different kinds of stresses and demands than nature intended. When we our body weight is not spread squarely over our skeleton, we put strain on the muscles of our neck and lower back. Apart from chronic fatigue, this can cause pain and premature joint damage.

Using the ThoracicPillow® is a fantastic way to reset the posture in the mornings. It reverses most common postural faults.

The Thoracic Pillow® is adjustable in height and length to fit most people. Please refer to diagrams for proper use. It is molded from a special foam that is designed to be soft enough to fit comfortably under your spine. Some areas are firmer in order to provide the necessary support for proper neck, chest and lower back alignment.

Instructions: Simply lay on the pillow for 10 minutes. Place a bolster under your knees to relax your lower back. It’s best to use the pillow in the morning and before going to sleep at night.

To gain the most benefit of your ThoracicPillow®, aim to use all sections as illustrated. If you find this uncomfortable, start using the pillow by lying on sections A & B or A & C until you are ready to use all three sections together. It is normal to experience slight discomfort when using the pillow for the first few times, as its aim is to change old postural patterns.

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